Convenience Store with Petroleum-impacted Soil and Groundwater

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Convenience Store with Petroleum-impacted Soil and Groundwater

Client: Commercial business broker
Location: Raleigh, NC


Highlands Environmental Solutions, Inc. (HES) was retained by a commercial business broker to take over an environmental remediation project from another consultant. Petroleum impacted soil and groundwater were discovered at the site in the mid-1990s. Several remediation strategies had been attempted and numerous groundwater monitoring events had been performed at the site prior to HES’ involvement. HES personnel discovered that the incident had not received regulatory closure due to the presence of one water supply well-being within 500 feet of the site.


After assuming the project, HES conducted limited soil and groundwater sampling, and performed a new receptor survey. Using this new data, plus historic groundwater flow data, HES was able to prove that water supply well was situated slightly upgradient of the groundwater contaminant plume and petitioned the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) for regulatory closure by applying a land use restriction to the property. The NCDENR agreed and issued a No Further Action Required letter. HES personnel decommissioned a former groundwater treatment system and abandoned all site monitoring wells. The property was subsequently sold to a prospective buyer based on the issuance of the No Further Action letter from the NCDENR.