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Without the dedication of truckers and other indispensable contributors to our logistics industry, our economy and day-to-day routines would grind to a halt. Ensuring the seamless operation of our logistics system demands concerted efforts not only from these unsung heroes, but also from diverse industries, prominently the environmental services sector. Delve into the extended version of our blog below to uncover the pivotal support role played by environmental service companies.

Environmental Safety Training

Among the array of services provided by environmental service companies, Environmental Safety Training stands out as a critical offering. This training holds particular importance in minimizing the environmental repercussions of unforeseen incidents. This training is very adaptable as it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual companies.

Given the unpredictable nature of environmental incidents, regular training is critical. It not only ensures that your team remains optimistic, but more importantly it keeps your team well-prepared for unforeseen challenges.

Highlands Environmental Solutions offers safety training for drivers and managers, which tailored to our client’s needs by analyzing their previous environmental incidents to provide the most custom training experience for your team.

Emergency Response

Another service that many environmental service companies offer is emergency response services for chemical spills and disasters. In the logistics industry, having an ongoing relationship with a company that provides these services is incredibly important. As stated previously, these incidents almost always happen without any notice, so being prepared is vital to save time and money.

Highlands Environmental Solutions has been providing emergency response services for more than two decades, with a team boasting extensive expertise in this specialized field. Our services are available around the clock, supported by our unique emergency hotline and app. This enables us to promptly assess and respond to our clients’ specific incidents and requirements.

Advancements in the Environmental Services Industry

In line with the broader trend seen across industries, the environmental services and logistics sectors are experiencing noteworthy shifts. Advanced technologies are driving substantial changes in both domains, encompassing the ongoing evolution of virtual mapping software supporting truckers and the integration of drones and various other groundbreaking innovations within both industries.

Compliance and Environmental Due Diligence

Maintaining compliance with environmental regulations can result in cost savings, and a safer workplace. Executing environmental due diligence during acquisitions and mergers can help to avoid potentially “buying” an environmental problem. Additionally, periodic environmental audits of facilities can help in identifying small problems before they potentially become larger problems.


The logistics industry plays a pivotal role in sustaining our livelihoods, making it imperative for us to extend our utmost support to the dedicated men, women, and companies within this sector. Click the link below to learn more how we actively contribute to bolstering the logistics industry and what we can do for you.

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