We solve environmental problems using "common sense" solutions.


Highlands Environmental Solutions, Inc. (HES) is an innovative environmental consulting and services corporation with a pro-active, solutions-based approach. Our clients include:

  • national insurance carriers
  • global mining operations
  • private, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients

Since 2003 our focus has been on using our team's expertise to solve environmental problems so that businesses can grow and prosper.

We are not your typical environmental company. We look forward to providing you with solutions you never dreamed were possible.


Do you have an emergency and need immediate response to an environmental disaster?

We specialize in the following services


An aggressive initial remedial response and active response management are key to a successful and effective response to a spill or disaster.

environmental REMEDIATION

By tailoring projects according to site conditions and contaminant type, we are able to prevent environmental assessments from becoming elaborate "science projects" at the expense of our clients.



Effectively combining in-house capabilities with our network of qualified and tested service providers, we are able to serve as a one-stop shop to provide quality and timely services for land acquisition and development.

Environmental Site Assessments

We've conducted hundreds of Environmental Site Assessments throughout the mid-Atlantic region of the US. At sites where environmental liabilities may exist, we employ invasive and non-invasive methods to assess the severity of impact to soil, groundwater, and surface water by regulated constituents.


Insurance and Litigation Support

Our job as technical experts is not simply to present and interpret data. It's also to make sometimes difficult subjects and concepts more understandable and concise to the legal team and other stakeholders.


Environmental Safety Training

We offer a full series of Safety Training seminars that can be conducted on site during your regular safety briefing meetings.