Pesticides Impact on the Environment


Herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides are all different types of pesticides that farmers use to keep their crops from being wasted. Pesticides are commonly used in the farming industry in order to avoid crop waste due to insects, rodents, and other pests. This is important because these pests that tend to use farmers crops as a snack can carry diseases and germs that can have a major impact on human health. With that being said, these chemicals used to kill these pests can also be damaging to the environment and to human health so it is important to understand these dangers so you can form an opinion on whether or not these pesticides should be used.

Impact On The Environment

Pesticides are generally sprayed over large areas of crops and when it rains these chemicals can be washed off and can flow into nearby streams, ponds, and other waterways. These chemicals can pollute these waterways and can even pollute rainwater when this contaminated water is evaporated. Although these pesticides can kill species that are harmful to crops, they also have major harmful effects on other plants and animals that are unintended. This includes the plants and animals that live in these contaminated waters and even the animals that use polluted water as their source of drinking water. If not washed off by rain, pesticides can also have major impacts on soil as well. These chemicals can sink into the soil and can decrease the quality of the soil it impacts which can have an effect on farming in the years following.

Impact On Humans

Pesticides can lead to many different types of sickness depending on various factors such as how many pesticides you have been exposed to, which pesticides you are exposed to, and how long you are exposed. Additionally, it is heavily debated whether or not there is a link between pesticide exposure and cancer. One can avoid many pesticides by only buying organic food, but this food tends to be more expensive making it less available to less fortunate people.

Why Pesticides?

Many farmers in countries around the world use pesticides to protect their crops. The general concept of pesticides is not bad. Pesticides can help to prevent pest related crop waste which in turn can help food shortages. This is extremely important because it is estimated by many sources that around 25,000 people starve to death every single day. However, pesticides can have very negative effects on both the environment and human health too.


What do you think, should pesticides be used, or should they not be? There are definitely many benefits but also many consequences to pesticide use. Additionally, as stated before there are other options out there considering some farmers choose not to use pesticides on their crops.

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