Highlands environmental solutions, inc.

Our focus

We are a team that solves environmental problems using "common sense" solutions

Highlands Environmental Solutions provides innovative environmental consulting and services with a proactive, solutions-based approach. Our clients include national insurance carriers, commercial real estate development, commercial, industrial, private entities and municipal clients throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern US.

Since 2003, our team’s goal is to use our expertise to solve environmental problems by removing or returning a liability into an asset.  As a result, businesses can grow and prosper. We specialize in rapid emergency response; site assessment, remediation and closure; environmental forensics; expert witness testimony; and aggressive due diligence.  We look forward to surprising you with solutions you never dreamed were possible.

Our wide range of industries

Our experienced professionals develop reliable, cost focused, efficient solutions to address the environmental concerns for a wide range of client industries including:

  • Insurance Providers and Lending Agents
  • Mining, quarrying and aggregate production corporations
  • Convenience stores and retail petroleum outlets
  • Petroleum and petrochemical storage and transportation companies
  • Real estate agents, developers and real estate investment trust (REIT) companies
  • Attorneys
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Printing and publication facilities
  • Rental car companies
  • Hotel and motel operators
  • Circuit board, electronic and telecommunication manufacturing facilities
  • Textile and dyeing and finishing facilities
Talented professionals

The Highlands Environmental Solutions Core Team

Kevin Sutton
Chief Executive Officer
Kendall Sutler
Senior Project Manager
Joe Beaman
In Memory of Our Founder
Bob Shaut
Environmental Scientist
Glenn Hohmeier
Professional Engineer, Geotechnical Services
Rodney Van Scoy
Accounting and Finance
Brennan Wallace
Senior Project Manager
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