Environmental Safety Training Seminar Series

For your team, Highlands Environmental Solutions offers a full series of Safety Training seminars that can be conducted on site during your regular safety briefing meetings.

Environmental Safety Training 101

Help your team with this introductory look at spills, accidents, and cleanup from an environmental point-of-view. This course will help veteran and new team members alike to better understand the states of incident management and the crucial role they play. This training will help drivers and managers promote safety and corporate financial well-being.

Environmental Safety Training 201

Training for the seasoned team that has lived through (or trained for) environmental disasters. This is an image-laden tour of case studies that illustrate Best Practices and worst case scenarios. It is a "must see" presentation for teams with expansive transportation routes and aggressive logistics.

Safety and Environmental Audit

HES, in conjunction with safety planning partners, can audit your company's safety record and create a personalized presentation around your own incidents and "lessons learned." Let HES support your safety program today!

In these courses, you will learn:

When a spill becomes reportable

  • Status of the current regulatory environment
  • How to report to state and federal agencies
  • How to interact with first responders
  • Quick action to employ
  • US DOT environmental regulatory review
  • Solutions for shops/maintenance facilities
  • Bulk fuel/chemical storage rules