Best Environmental Goals for 2023


Many people tend to set goals that they would like to achieve early in the year. In this blog we will be giving you some ideas for environmentally related goals that you could set for yourself this year! Keep in mind, no matter what your views are about the environment, we can all still set goals to help keep the environment healthy.

Goal #1 – Reduce Plastic Waste

This goal can be accomplished in many ways. You could accomplish this by buying boxed goods instead of buying goods in plastic containers or recycling the plastic that you do use. Plastic waste can be harmful to the environment considering it can take up to hundreds of years for it to decompose. Additionally, plastic waste can be very harmful to animals if ingested or if they become tangled in it. For example, in the ocean, plastic bags can look very similar to jelly fish which are a very common source of food for sea turtles. So, when they decided to take a bite out of something they believe to be a snack, they could very easily be having their last meal.

Goal #2 – Reducing Carbon Emissions

It is very heavily debated how bad carbon emissions are for the environment and we are not going to enter in an opinion on that debate today. However, even if there is a small chance of you helping the environment by reducing your emissions wouldn’t you try just because it could have the potential to help? There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint including things like walking places when possible or simply turning off your lights when you’re not using them anyways. Although things like this individually will not have a very large impact on the environment, if many people do them over a long period of time, they will have some effect.

Goal #3 – Community Service

No matter your personal or political opinions everyone can find some type of community service that can help the environment even if the reasoning behind it is just to make the community look nicer! Planting plants in a public area (individually or with a group with permission) or picking up trash by a public trail, the possibilities are endless.


There are many other goals that you could set for yourself which would help to better the environment. 2023 is a year that can be used for everyone to grow in one way or another. So, we really challenge everyone this year to set any type of goal to help the environment in some way! We are a company that offers environmental services so if you or your company has environmental goals for this year which we can help you to accomplish reach out to for more information of what we can do for you!

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