Emergency & Disaster Response Incident

Petroleum Transport and Trucking

Emergency & Disaster Response Incident

Client: Petroleum Transport
Location: NC – VA State Line


Highlands Environmental Solutions, Inc. (HES) was retained to assist on an emergency response incident involving a petroleum transport tanker that had overturned along a major highway near the North Carolina-Virginia State Line.


The tanker was transporting approximately 9000 gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel and caught fire after overturning. HES managed response activities, and rapidly assessed the extent of petroleum impacted soil following removal of the vehicle wreckage. Approximately 4500 tons of petroleum impacted soil were excavated during site remediation activities.

HES conducted post-remediation assessment activities to demonstrate that the areas of petroleum impacted soil had been removed, and to delineate the extent of free product on the water table surface. Aggressive product recovery techniques were employed to address the free-product issue.


Subsequent groundwater sampling indicated groundwater beneath the site had not been impacted by petroleum constituents at concentrations greater than allowable limits. This incident received regulatory closure within eight months of the date that the incident occurred.