Environmental Assessment & Remediation

Petroleum Transport and Trucking

Environmental Assessment & Remediation

Client: Motor freight transport company
Location: Kenly, NC


Highlands Environmental Solutions, Inc. (HES) was retained to assist on an emergency response incident involving a tractor trailer that had left an interstate highway and entered a river.


Damage from the collision resulted in the release of an estimated 250 gallons of diesel fuel, motor oil and other petroleum lubricants to the ground surface and surface water body. Additionally, the cargo being transported in the trailer portion of the unit was deposited in the surface water body and adjacent stream bank.

HES managed response activities, and rapidly assessed the extent of petroleum impacted soil and surface water. Free product in the river was contained using boom structures, and recovered using vacuum recovery and skimming techniques. All debris (vehicle wreckage, etc.) was removed from the impacted area, then approximately 100 tons of petroleum impacted soil were excavated and transported off-site for disposal.

HES conducted post-remediation assessment activities to demonstrate that the areas of petroleum impacted soil had been removed, and that surface water quality had not been adversely impacted by the release.


HES also coordinated structural inspection of the bridge structures by a third party structural engineer to confirm that the integrity of the bridge had not been compromised by the collision. This incident received regulatory closure within 45 days of the date that the incident occurred.