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Petroleum Transport and Trucking

Environmental Assessment & Remediation

Client: Petroleum Transport Client
Location: Clayton, NC


Highlands Environmental Solutions, Inc. (HES) was retained to assist on an emergency response incident involving an overturned petroleum transport tanker near Clayton, North Carolina.


The subject tanker had overturned during a single-vehicle motor vehicle collision on a rural highway. Damage from the collision resulted in the release of an estimated 7500 gallons of diesel fuel to the ground surface. Response contractors removed residual product from the damaged tanker, then removed the vehicle wreckage from the incident scene.

HES managed the response, and rapidly assessed the extent of petroleum impacted soil using hand auger borings, and soil borings advanced using a Geoprobe from a local contractor. Soils at the site were classified as sandy silts with relict fractures, and single-family residences located within 700 feet of the incident scene received water via private water supply wells.

Due to the pending arrival of a tropical weather system, HES and the response contractor worked rapidly to assess the extent of and remove the area of petroleum impacted soil, with more than 3000 cubic yards of soil being excavated and transported for disposal at a nearby land application facility in three days.


HES conducted assessment activities to demonstrate that neither groundwater beneath the site, nor nearby water supply wells had been impacted by the petroleum release incident. Due to the aggressive remedial measures and efficient project management, the incident received regulatory closure within 60 days of the date that the incident occurred.