Environmental Due Diligence And Rapid Remediation

Commercial Development & Brownfields

Environmental Due Diligence And Rapid Remediation

Client: Commercial development company
Location: Raleigh, NC


Highlands Environmental Solutions, Inc. (HES) was retained by a commercial development company to conduct environmental due diligence activities associated with the development of a multiple-parcel, 200-acre area intended as a mixed-use retirement community. The property was formerly utilized as a farm and a single-family residence. Multiple environmental concerns were identified on the property, including: Three underground storage tanks, eight aboveground storage tanks, and a pesticide storage building. HES developed and implemented a rapid assessment and remediation program for addressing the identified areas of concern. All areas of concern were assessed and remediated within an eight-day period.


HES prepared a comprehensive site assessment and remediation report for submittal to the NCDENR and received regulatory closure of the environmental concerns within six weeks of beginning the due diligence assessment. HES was able to provide regulatory closure documentation to the client, the responsible party (the property owner) and their corresponding attorneys, and project investors two weeks prior to the scheduled closing, which allowed for the property transfer to proceed as intended.