How To Reduce Your Environmental Impact as a Business


Reducing your negative environmental impacts and increasing your positive environmental impacts as a business can be tricky depending on what industry your business specializes in. With that being said, there are some things that all businesses can do to help the environment! Make sure to read the full blog below to see what your business can do to help the environment and how much of an impact it truly has!


Recycling even small amounts of paper or other material can make a big difference! According to the World Economic Forum, plastic bottles can take up to around 450 years to fully degrade naturally, so even doing simple things such as recycling your daily water bottle instead of throwing it in the trash can really add up.

Travel Less

Most businesses require some type of travel whether that be simply commuting to work, going on business trips, or many other different things. However, with more virtual options becoming available due to the pandemic and technological development it may be beneficial for your company to offer some work from home options or conduct some virtual meetings. This would help the environment by reducing fossil fuel consumption but would also save the company and employee money by saving on fuel and vehicle mileage costs.

Company Initiatives

Another good way to promote environmental mindfulness within your business is to offer company initiatives. This could be done in many different ways and an example would be offering your employees 4 hours of extra paid time off per year to volunteer at a non-profit organization. Another great way to promote environmental mindfulness could be organizing a company event where everyone who is able goes out for one half or one full day together to volunteer at a non-profit organization. Not only could this be helpful to the environment by volunteering at an environmentally friendly non-profit, but it could also be a great team building and networking opportunity!

Reduce Energy Consumption

Reducing energy and water consumption, when possible, will help one’s business financially while also helping the environment. Doing the little things consistently like turning lights off in rooms that are not being used, cutting the air conditioning/ heat off overnight, etc. are all small things that can all add up over time and make big impacts financially and environmentally! It’s a win-win!

Be Prepared

Being prepared for anything in life is extremely important in many different ways. But most people do not take into consideration how being prepared can also help the environment. Similarly, to reducing energy consumption, if your company is at risk of having environmental emergencies, having a plan in place can help the environment and your company financially if an environmental emergency were to occur.


There are many things, both small and big, that you and your business can do to better the environment while still growing and being successful! It is very important to also remember that even if your company can only participate in smaller activities to help the environment, they can still make a big difference over time! For more information about how we can help your company make a good environmental impact, please reach out to for more information!

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