Letter from the President, Joe Beaman, PG, RSM

Joe Beaman, Pg, Rsm - President/Principal Geologist of Highlands Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Hello and thank you for visiting our website.

I would invite you to consider Highlands Environmental Solutions, Inc. for all of your environmental needs ranging from investigative services (i.e. due diligence) for real estate transactions, to complicated remediation programs involving chemical contaminants. For the last 10 years, we have been providing excellent service to clients throughout southern and eastern United States.

As you can see, we offer a full range of environmental services and we have a skilled team ready to ‘Solve Problems. Rapidly.’

While Highlands Environmental Solutions, Inc. offers a diverse range of actual experience and available talent, I think you will find that our approach is quite different. It is our basic belief that a client is best served when their environmental problems are “solved” as efficiently and timely as possible. This is why we have chosen to add “Solutions” into our name. We believe that you should solve problems, not monitor them if at all possible.

Although environmental challenges are often complicated, they can usually be fully resolved by the use of time and cost effective, “common sense” strategies. This practice, however simple, is not often the industry norm. In many cases, environmental problems are turned into on-going, expensive “science projects” with little effort to get that coveted No Further Action (NFA) letter. While this approach may help environmental companies to grow their revenue, it is often not in the best interest of the client.

It is our core premise that clients are best served when we can resolve a problem and allow a client to move on and grow their own interests. We believe that the customer loyalty that this creates far surpasses any relatively short-term gains we could render from monitoring a problem endlessly. We have found this belief to be well received. Our clients include global industry, multinational insurance companies, environmental contractors, small businesses and even individuals in need of environmental services.


We have grown our company upon referrals and have endeavored to always present the most innovative, creative solutions to our clients; advocating their interests to regulatory, government and in some cases even emergency response agencies. While most of our team members have years of experience and have worked for large firms, I think you will find that we have a small company, client-focused feel because we handle each case in a timely, personal manner.

Highlands Environmental Solutions, Inc. is available to assist with emergency response and general environmental compliance. We are ready to respond should an environmental incident occur. Contact us at 1-855-437-3278 or info@hesnc.com.

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