Major Influences on the Continued Increase in Endangered Species


Over the past years, the rate of which animals are going extinct at has risen thousands of percent. There are many different factors which are causing more and more different animals to become extinct. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the things that contribute to the endangerment and extinction of animals.


Research shows that a major contributor to the endangerment of animals is invasive species. As the world becomes more globalized, more and more invasive species are moved from country to country. Years ago, a lot of these invasive species still existed, but they were contained to certain parts of the world. Now that travel and trade has grown significantly around the world, plants, animals, and other goods have gotten moved from where they originated from as well. While globalization has many benefits for both the economy and the environment, this movement of goods puts animals and plants in danger around the globe.

Oil Spills

Oil spills can and do have major impacts on our environment. However, when an oil spill occurs in an ecosystem which has endangered species, it can destroy an environment and cause endangered animals to become extinct. As oil is being used more and more, there are more chances for oil to be spilled while it is being transferred or used. In one of our previous blogs, we spoke on the major effects which oil spills can have on an environment.


All species which exist on this planet play a major role in having a functioning environment. When species go extinct, it has a major effect on food chains, biodiversity, and other parts of ecosystems. As a society we need to find ways to protect endangered animals without inhibiting our economic system from growing as well. Can you think of any ways we could do this as a society?

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