Our Communities Role In Environmental Protection


All of us play a critical role in protecting our environment for future generations. Members of a community generally have a deeper understanding of the different challenges and opportunities faced within each local environment. Explore the full edition of our blog to learn more about what we can do as a group to preserve our environments future.

Benefits Of Community Involvement

Getting your community involved in the fight to help our environment is a great way to bring the community closer. Almost everyone wants a cleaner and safer environment, so organizing events, clubs, etc. can help form a community bond.

Community involvement to protect and clean up the environment can also bring a wide variety of different economic benefits. Some of these benefits include the reduction waste and other pollution attracting more tourists and the creation of new jobs to help maintain a clean environment. This goes to show that helping the environment can also help society in a wide variety of different ways as well.

How To Get Your Community Involved

A great way to get your community involved is by forming a local environmental group. This could be something as simple as a group of friends getting together occasionally or organizing a large community group with scheduled formal get togethers.

Another great way to encourage community involvement is through social media. Posting about local environmental issues and organizing ways to assist via social media is a great way to use technology to help our environment. When doing this, it is incredibly important to help in ways that comply with all laws and regulations as posting things on the internet can sometimes violate certain copyright and other laws!

Reaching out to local government officials and partnering with local organizations are two other great ways to get your community involved in bettering the environment. This can encourage these officials and organizations to help better the local environment which can in turn lead to an even larger community involvement.

A Success Story

The Mississippi River Plastic Pollution Initiative was launched in March 2021 to address plastic pollution and other environmental issues relating to the Mississippi River. The mayors and members of the community have united to conduct cleanup efforts with the end goal of reducing the amount of plastic and other waste entering the river.

It is commonly agreed upon that the Mississippi River is one of the most vital waterways in the United States. Additionally, this river ultimately empties itself and all the waste in it into the Gulf of Mexico. Plastic and other waste can have very negative effects on the environment and biodiversity within the river and after it enters the Gulf which is why it is incredibly important to keep this waterway clean.


Many think that they cannot do much to help the environment, but one can leverage the impact that they personally can have on the environment by inspiring others to help the environment as well. We hope that this blog has motivated and informed you of ways that you can give back to the environment. For any of your environmental needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to info@hesnc.com.

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