The Importance of Environmental Monitoring Throughout The Emergency Response Process


Environmental monitoring is critical in emergency response situations to ensure that the project site is properly and fully remediated and no further action is required. Additionally, it is incredibly important that this monitoring is conducted correctly to ensure accurate results are portrayed to the client and regulatory agencies if necessary. Explore the full edition of our blog below to learn more about this monitoring and its role in the emergency response process.

What Is Environmental Monitoring?

Environmental monitoring is the orderly observation and measurement of things such as air quality, water quality, soil quality, and other environmental parameters to gain and assess various data. This monitoring can be incredibly useful for urban development, water management, and many other types of projects.

Emergency Response

Monitoring is incredibly important in the emergency response process. From being able to assess the initial environmental impacts of an incident to ensuring that a project has been completed, environmental monitoring plays a critical role throughout the entire clean up process.

While an incident is occurring, sensors can provide immediate data on the spread and estimated impact of the contamination. This information is very important in assisting responders to make informed decisions regarding evacuation zones and other precautionary measures if necessary. Another reason why having this information is so key during an emergency response incident is that other independent factors such as wind speed, wind direction, and the weather can all cause unexpected impacts.


Environmental monitoring plays a key role in many different types of projects but plays a particularly key role in emergency response incidents. This practice not only helps manage immediate impacts but also aids in long-term recovery and prevention of future incidents. Incorporating proper environmental monitoring into emergency response plans is key to maintaining the health of our communities and to ensure that everything is following environmental regulations. Reach out to to learn more about what we can do for you!

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